Mat and I finally moved into an apartment this weekend and after tons of hardcore cleaning and a couple trips to IKEA, it already feels like home. We’re a ten minute walk from the MRT station (subway station) and it’s an easy thirty five minute commute to work.

On Wednesday, I will teach my very first class. All the kids in the school seem really fun, though some seem like they could be a handful. I’m kind of nervous about teaching, but at the same time it is kind of exciting. There are four of us foreign English teachers at my school as well as a few Chinese teachers who will also sit in on the foreign teachers’ classes to help out as co-teachers.

It’s hard to believe I left California a week and a half ago and I am settled here in New Taipei City with a teaching job in Taipei. Being in Asia is definitely different from anywhere else I’ve traveled. Unlike when I was living in Berlin, here I don’t know The language and most people don’t speak English, so everyday activities are a challenge. After working for a few weeks, I may enroll in a Chinese language course so that I can get by with ordering food and what not.

That’s about all the news I have for now… Hopefully I will have something new and fun soon!